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The Double Whammy of Home Prices and Interest Rates

Home prices in Phoenix from March-April were historic, and the market likely saw a peak in mid-April, when rates hit 5%. The double whammy of […]

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What to Know Before Investing in Property in Phoenix

For the fifth year in a row, the Phoenix metro area ranked as the fastest-growing city in the United States, according to the US Census […]

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Guy in hamster wheel made of money

Examining the Intersection of Commercial and Residential Real Estate

Overview of the Intersection of Real Estate in Arizona There’s a tendency to view commercial real estate and residential properties in Greater Phoenix through different lenses, […]

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Puzzle piece showing inventory and housing shortage perfect fit

Are Phoenix Home Prices Starting to Stabilize?

Fear of missing out (a.k.a., FOMO) has played a big role in Greater Phoenix homebuying activity over the past few months—helping drive prices higher and […]

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House Graph Trending Upwards

Is Greater Phoenix Housing Demand Trending Back to Normal?

The most significant development in March for Greater Phoenix housing was the decline in the overall supply-demand index during the last 2 weeks of the […]

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Phoenix Luxury Homes Maintain Hot Sales Pace

Phoenix Luxury Homes Maintain Hot Sales Pace

When we blogged in May about the Greater Phoenix luxury home market, sales were stagnant and properties were sitting on the market for long periods […]

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