REO Broker and Asset Management Services for Distressed Properties

At R.O.I. Properties, we pride ourselves on turning challenges into opportunities, complex issues into organized, proactive and strategic plans, and hardships into favorable outcomes. We do all of this as one of the top REO asset management companies in Arizona while enhancing the value of real estate assets.

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R.O.I. Properties boasts a full range of turnkey REO and Asset Management services with unique qualifications to provide seamless, hassle-free solutions for even the most complex real estate matters.

"The key is to be able to embrace challenges before us and turn them into opportunities."

Beth Jo, the Real Estate Special Commissioner

Beth Jo Zeitzer
Attorney, President & Designated Broker of R.O.I. Properties

Beth Jo Zeitzer, a licensed Attorney in Arizona and California, is the Owner and Broker of R.O.I. Properties. R.O.I.’s licensed staff includes attorneys, seasoned legal professionals and highly skilled brokers and agents in all types of Arizona REO properties and real estate assets. Offering over 150 years of real estate experience combined, our expertise is deep and diverse.  We are expert valuators, Property Managers, Marketing and Salespeople.

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We represent, and have achieved favorable outcomes for numerous Asset Managers, Banks, Credit Unions and Governmental Agencies, for Residential and Commercial properties. Join our satisfied clients.


Full Range of Turnkey REO and Asset Management Services

Asset Valuation & Management

R.O.I. knows how to expertly value, manage and sell all asset classes.

Asset Preservation

We establish and implement proper controls to preserve and protect assets.

Contract Negotiations

We identify issues and navigate all aspects of an REO/distressed real property sale.

Benefit from our hassle-free solutions for even the most complex real estate matters. Use our full-service solution.

Enhancing the Value of Real Estate Assets

The R.O.I. Properties Process

As a full-service REO servicing company, R.O.I. Properties employs a simple, yet effective, three-staged process.

Stage 1


For lenders and banks, it is crucial to develop a relationship with a local, experienced Distressed Properties / REO broker, capable of delivering the most accurate valuations of your selected assets.

We are experts in valuing, managing, and selling the following asset classes:

  • Hotel/Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Multi-Family
  • Office
  • Industrial
  • Mobile Home Parks
  • Special Use Properties i.e. Schools, Churches, and Funeral Homes
  • Land
  • Single Family Residential Properties--Individual Homes and Portfolios
Stage 2

Property Management

A property which is proactively managed will garner the highest/best pricing in the market. R.O.I. has earned a reputation in the real estate industry for containing, organizing, and bringing order to all assignments under our care. R.O.I. serves as a property manager, bringing value through physical and financial management and maintenance, as well as positive financial results.

In order to accomplish this, we provide timely and professional services and we serve as our clients “boots on the ground”.

Additionally, we are well-capitalized, which enables us to bring properties into pristine condition, and manage this quality standard, which is essential for managing distressed/REO properties.

Our property management services include:

  • Property and grounds management
  • Utility Initiation, payment, termination
  • Cash for Keys (CFKs)
  • Leasing/rent collection
  • Maintaining and managing property records
  • Tenant recruitment and tenant interface
  • Accounting
  • Financial statement preparation
  • Continual and proactive reporting
Stage 3

Property Marketing and Sales

The advantage of being both qualified property managers and REO/Distressed property brokers is that we not only know how to revive distressed properties, but we also know the Arizona real estate market intimately. This lets us strategically position the property for sale and secure high-probability buyers willing to pay highest/best pricing, while achieving a sale within the clients’ timeline.

Our brokerage staff is highly experienced in all commercial and residential asset classes. On the commercial side, we specialize in sales, acquisitions, leases and structuring/selling net-lease transactions for hotel/hospitality, retail, multi-family, office, industrial, retail, mobile home parks, land and special use assets. Our residential brokerage team handles entry level through multi-million-dollar single family residential properties on an individual and portfolio basis.

We strategically market each and every property under our care so that we can achieve highest/best value within our clients’ timeline, our efforts include:

  • MLS exposure with extensive photography and videography and all Addenda required to submit a complete offer
  • Virtual tours and enhanced listing status on sites such as our company website,, Zillow, Trulia, and social media platforms
  • Prominent signage and professional full color flyers on premises
  • Direct mailings to surrounding property owners
  • Direct email new listing and on market notification to all real estate agents within the County
  • Implementation of e-showing systems to schedule and track all property visits and request feedback from each visitor. All data is stored and communicated with asset managers in weekly reports

Clients of R.O.I. Properties benefit from our straightforward, strategic approach to Asset Management and adaptive REO solutions, for an ever-changing world.

Appraise, Manage, and Sell Your Distressed Property

Uniquely Qualified

Experience and Qualifications

  • Fully Licensed Arizona Real Estate Broker since 2003
  • REO Broker is a licensed attorney in Arizona and California
  • Dedicated REO staff with over 100 years combined, of REO experience
  • Expert valuations and accurate BPOs/BOVs for a variety of asset types. R.O.I. has performed more than 2500 BOV's for commercial properties, and over 10,000 BPO's for residential properties
  • Thousands of REOs professionally managed and marketed
  • Successful management and disposition of REO assets for a variety of Lenders, Bankers, and Asset Managers
years combined REO experience
Thoroughly Acquainted with Arizona

Top tier real estate expertise in the following Arizona counties: Maricopa County, Pinal County, Pima County, Yavapai County, Coconino County.

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More About Our REO Broker and Distressed Property Services

The R.O.I. team works directly with banks, lenders, and asset managers to streamline the successful valuation, management and sale of non-performing loans, and distressed, bank-owned, and under, or non-performing assets. From pre-foreclosure short sales, asset intake, cash for keys, and property inspections, to expert valuations, strategic marketing plans, and weekly status reports, R.O.I. maximizes value while mitigating the risk of pre-foreclosure and bank-owned/REO assets.

Asset Valuation/Management

R.O.I. knows how to expertly value, manage and sell all asset classes, whether commercial (Hospitality/Hotels, Multi-Family, Retail, Office, Industrial, Mobile Home Parks, Schools, RV/Mini Storage, and Special Use Properties), residential (entry level through multi-million dollar properties), or land (speculative or developable property), by offering the following:

  • Full-service Broker Price Opinions (BPO), or Broker Opinions of Value (BOV) provided within 24-48 hours
  • Occupancy checks
  • Property inspections
  • Cash for Keys (CFK)
  • Strategic Marketing and Sales plan and execution to achieve highest/best values within client timelines
  • Distressed Property Management services
  • Commercial and residential asset management for distressed properties
  • Comprehensive Status Reports: Weekly, or as otherwise preferred

Asset Preservation

R.O.I. establishes and implements the proper controls to preserve and protect assets, mitigating Lender and Asset Managers Liability, while Enhancing the Value of Real Estate Assets, by offering the following:

  • Property management
  • Dedicated vendors and contractors to ensure quick turn-around
  • Securing & re-keying (if vacant) within 48 hours trash-out
  • Utility initiation/transfer
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Regular inspections and reporting

Contract Negotiations

R.O.I. has a full team of licensed staff with significant legal experience, as well as real estate experience, with the ability to expeditiously identify issues and navigate all aspects of an REO/distressed real property sale, including:

  • Contract Negotiation
  • Occupant Negotiations (Cash for Keys)
  • Agreement Modifications
  • Assistance with Clearing Title
  • Navigating Property Appraisals


Implementing proper accounting to protect the asset value and the properties cash flow

  • Dedicated accounting staff to ensure that invoices are timely paid and full accounting reports and financial statements (where appropriate) are provided

Commercial and Residential Brokerage Services

The R.O.I. team serves as a residential and commercial REO broker and has successfully completed more than 5,000 transactions for our commercial and residential clients.

Non-Performing Notes and REO/Pre-foreclosure Dispositions and Acquisitions

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