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ROI Properties Guide to REO and Distressed Properties in Arizona

With the advent of COVID-19, real estate lenders have new issues and concerns they are facing today. With a temporary shuttering of the economy for all but essential services, new regulations were put in place to avoid a complete economic collapse. Some of these regulations are adversely affecting loan servicers and lenders, however, stifling their ability to take necessary actions when loans are in default.

For government-backed Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and FHA loans, the moratorium on foreclosures and evictions was extended until at least June 30, 2020. Once the moratoria are lifted, the default or foreclosure process can begin; in many states, that process may take a year or more. While the real estate market in Arizona and elsewhere may not be experiencing an immediate impact in pricing, there is a larger problem looming: the flood of foreclosures and distressed properties likely to hit the market all at the same time when the moratoria are lifted. This is creating a calm before the storm; forbearance now may exacerbate problems in the future.

With the expiration deadline rapidly approaching, real estate lenders need to ramp up for the inevitable default/foreclosure crisis that is already in its early stages across America. Lenders must take proactive steps to ensure they stay ahead of the imminent stampede.

R.O.I. Properties, in Arizona, brings positive news and a strategic mindset to those dealing with distressed loans, properties and REO.

R.O.I. Properties – The Top Distressed and REO Properties Broker in Arizona

For distressed properties in the state of Arizona, R.O.I. Properties is your one stop shop. When searching for a qualified REO broker, you need an experienced operator capable of providing complete turnkey REO services—one who intimately understands the real estate market and demonstrates competent asset management skills for distressed properties.

R.O.I. Properties fits the bill for accurate, dependable, strategic and proactive services for distressed properties, including REO brokerage, and asset management services. Since its founding, R.O.I. has performed more than 2,500 broker opinions of value/BOVs for commercial properties, and over 10,000 broker price opinions/BPOs for residential properties. More significantly, our focus remains maximizing the value of real estate assets, while minimizing the liability associated with lender or bank-owned properties, all within the most efficient and cost effective means.

Simply stated, when it comes to distressed property and REO brokerage in Arizona, no one comes close to our experience and capabilities.

The R.O.I. Properties REO Process

As a full-service REO broker, R.O.I. Properties employs a simple-yet-effective, three-stage process.

Stage 1 – Valuation

Until foreclosure moratoria are lifted, most of our lender activity is focused on valuation. We are seeing an increased volume of valuation requests, and anticipate this frenzy will not subside any time soon. Valuation requests and an increase in future bank owned properties will likely swell, as the economy remains challenged by the follow-on effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

For lenders and banks, it is crucial to develop a relationship with a local, experienced distressed properties/REO broker who is capable of delivering the most accurate valuations of your selected assets.

The R.O.I. team includes experts in valuing, managing, and selling the following asset classes:

  • Hotel/hospitality
  • Retail
  • Multifamily
  • Office
  • Industrial
  • Mobile home parks
  • Special use properties
  • Land
  • Single-family residential properties – individual homes and portfolios

Stage 2 – Property Management

A property that is proactively managed will garner the highest/best pricing in the market. With our time-tested systems, R.O.I. has earned a reputation in the real estate industry, especially as a distressed property management company, for containing, organizing, and bringing order to all assignments under our care.

R.O.I. serves as a property manager for distressed properties, bringing value through physical and financial management and maintenance, as well as positive financial results. In order to accomplish this, we provide timely and professional services, including “boots on the ground” inspections, “cash for keys” (“CFK”s), property checks, maintenance and assessment, property and grounds management, contractor bidding, tenant recruitment, lease preparation/negotiation, collection of rents, accounting and financial statement preparation.

Our property management services include:

  • Property and grounds management
  • Utility initiation, payment, and termination
  • Cash for keys (CFKs)
  • Leasing/rent collection
  • Maintaining and managing property records
  • Tenant recruitment and tenant interface
  • Accounting
  • Financial statement preparation
  • Continual and proactive reporting

In addition, we are well-capitalized, which enables us to bring properties into pristine condition. Maintaining a high quality standard is essential for successfully managing distressed/REO properties.

Stage 3 – Property Marketing and Sales

The advantage of being both qualified property managers and REO/distressed property brokers is that we not only know how to revive distressed properties, but we also know the Arizona real estate market intimately. This lets us strategically position the property for sale and secure high-probability buyers willing to pay highest/best pricing, while achieving a sale within the client’s timeline.

Our brokerage staff is highly experienced in all commercial and residential asset classes. On the commercial side, we specialize in sales, acquisitions, leases and structuring/selling net-lease transactions for hotel/hospitality, retail, multi-family, office, industrial, retail, mobile home parks, land and special use assets. Our residential brokerage team handles entry-level through multimillion-dollar single family residential properties on an individual and portfolio basis. We strategically market each and every property under our care so that we can achieve highest/best value for our clients, on a schedule that meets their needs.

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