Boomerang Effect – Grandparents and Kids Moving Back Home in Phoenix

November 25, 2020

Boomerang Effect Grandparents and Kids Moving Back Home in Phoenix

In What’s Hot and What’s Not in Phoenix Residential Real Estate, we noted the market popularity of multigenerational-capable homes—those with guesthouses, casitas, or multiple homes within one lot. As promised, today’s post will dive a bit deeper into why these properties are in such high demand, which comes down to two separate trends in their own right.

Housing Trend #1: A Movement Away from Assisted Living

Continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs) have long been a popular way to accommodate parents and older relatives with an aging-in-place structure: moving from independent living to assisted living to skilled nursing without having to move to a new community. Unfortunately, the well-publicized health threats from COVID-19 have heightened the real and perceived risks for elders living in such circumstances. As a result, many families have chosen to take moms, dads, and others out of CCRC facilities and bring them home.

Housing Trend #2: Adult Children Moving Back Home

On the other end of the age spectrum, job losses, economic uncertainty, and college closures have driven a significant number of millennials back to the nest. In July, the share of 18- to 34-year-olds living with their parents grew to a majority—at 52%, the highest since the Great Depression and up from 47% in February, according to Pew Research Center. Note that this trend also has an impact on demand within the multifamily market, as it takes many millennials out of prospective tenant inventory.

Both of these trends have been caused and accelerated by the coronavirus. Assuming the pandemic becomes mitigated in the coming months—whether through vaccines, therapeutics, or burning out of the virus—we could eventually see a reversion to assisted living within the elder population. While the economy is in recovery mode, that aspect is a bit trickier—as far as when adult children will feel financially secure enough to venture back into renting on their own or buying homes in a pricey market.

Even within a seller’s market, homeowners who have multiple living accommodations can expect higher-than-usual demand, particularly if they have separate kitchens, offices, and other independent spaces that allow for some breathing room between generations. Conversely, if you are looking at buying a multigenerational-capable home in the current market, recognize that it is highly competitive and you will need to be patient—and be ready to pay top dollar.

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