Real Estate Bankruptcies & Trustee Appointments

At R.O.I. Properties, we have specialized experience in bankruptcy real estate property sales, which differ significantly from regular real estate transactions in marketing, documentation, and process. When employed through the bankruptcy court or a debtor-in-possession, R.O.I. Properties manages every aspect of securing, valuing, marketing, and selling the asset to pay the secured creditors in full and make a distribution to unsecured creditors in adherence with court requirements.

Using R.O.I. for bankruptcy trustee appointments provides several key advantages:

  • Handling fiduciary requirements. Recognizing that valuation will be critical to all parties’ interests, R.O.I. provides brokers opinions of value (BOVs) for commercial assets, or brokers price opinions (BPOs) for residential assets.
  • Securing high-probability buyers. With the valuation established, based on the property type and metrics, the marketing strategy is designed to secure high-probability buyers—whether investors, owner-occupants or specialized buyers—at the highest/best possible pricing, within the established time-frame.
  • Limiting liability. Every step of our process—buyer procurement and selection, contract negotiations and documentation—is designed to proactively limit liability, while enhancing value for the bankruptcy estate.
  • Providing property management. In addition to the valuation, marketing, and sales aspects, R.O.I. can help protect and maintain the property’s value over the course of the bankruptcy process. Where applicable, timely and professional services may include: tenant and vendor relations, asset intake, tenant recruitment and lease preparation/negotiation, collection of rents and other funds, accounting, maintaining and managing operations, and property and grounds management.
  • Offering flexible options. We will help you determine the right transaction type to deliver the best returns. In some cases, that may mean selling real estate assets subject to a short sale, seeking lender approval/cooperation. In other cases, a 363 order allows for the sale of a real estate asset free and clear of liens, even though a lender is not being paid in full. We can also assist in sales of co-owned property, where a co-owner is not in bankruptcy.
  • Responding to court expectations and requirements. Bankruptcy sales are subject to court approval/oversight with the potential for higher/better bidders being included at court approval. Prior to putting the property in escrow, R.O.I. will vet the buyers to ensure performance, then continue to market the property while in escrow to generate additional interest/bidders at the court authorized sale. R.O.I. prepares a comprehensive court notebook including valuation, title, due diligence, marketing, contract and other information, and is prepared to testify if and when needed at 363 or other hearings.

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