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Beth Jo, the Real Estate Special Commissioner

Beth Jo Zeitzer, Esq.*
President and Designated Broker

*a non-practicing attorney, by choice

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I'm here to let you know our brokerage is at your service in Vail. My team and I are based in Phoenix and have a strong history of maximizing the value of real estate assets in Vail, AZ, including court appointments and receiverships. Please review some of our previous transactions in your area and let us know how we can help.

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1800 SF Manufactured Home in Vail Arizona

Attorney General’s Office – Seized and Forfeited Asset – 1,800 SF Manufactured Home in Vail, Arizona

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Overview of R.O.I. Properties

R.O.I. Properties is a full-service real estate brokerage firm dedicated to enhancing real estate assets. With Commercial Brokerage, Residential Brokerage, Property Management, Receivership, and Real Estate Advisory divisions, we help our clients maximize their return on investment in all types of real estate assets in Vail, Pima County, and all of Arizona. We offer a full range of turnkey services for buyers, sellers, and investors in the following key disciplines:

Properties Sold
Special Real Estate Commissioner Appointments

Court Appointments in Vail, Pima County, and AZ

Real Estate Special Commissioner

Beth Jo Zeitzer, R.O.I.'s President and Designated Broker, is a frequently court-appointed Real Estate Special Commissioner in Vail, Pima County, and all of Arizona.

R.O.I. is a licensed real estate broker appointed by the court to initiate and complete the sale of co-owned residential and commercial properties. A Real Estate Special Master is utilized most often in family court cases, but can also be employed effectively in probate/contested estate matters, whether stipulated by parties or selected by a judicial officer.

Receivership Appointments

With over 100 judicial appointments, R.O.I. specializes in the complex legal environment of court-appointed/supervised Receivership proceedings. Our clients choose to work with us because of our ability to expeditiously identify issues, our experience and ability to develop a thoughtful strategic and cost-effective plan, and our skill in adapting to the variety of situations we encounter.

Bankruptcy Trustee Appointments

R.O.I. Properties brings specialized experience in brokerage services for bankruptcy sales, which differ significantly from regular real estate transactions in marketing, documentation, and process. When employed through the bankruptcy court or a debtor-in-possession, R.O.I. Properties manages every aspect of securing, valuing, marketing, and selling the asset to pay the secured creditors, and make a distribution to unsecured creditors, in adherence with court requirements.

Corporate Trustee Assignments

Corporate trustees are appointed in a variety of circumstances. While a corporate trustee may have expertise in economic issues and tax laws, the complexities and nuances of real estate assets may require appointing an expert in that realm to best serve as the real estate advisor for an estate.

Hiring R.O.I. Properties is a way of making sure that you are actively buying, selling, and managing residential and commercial real estate and achieving highest and best value, while minimizing the risk associated with real estate assets.

Real Estate Advisory & Expert Witness Engagements

Our real estate experts have extensive experience working with attorneys and their clients to resolve a wide range of complex litigation matters and business disputes, whether they are handled in private negotiations or in a courtroom environment. From investigative work and compiling evidence to performing forensic accounting and economic and financial analyses, R.O.I. is committed to delivering accurate, effective, comprehensive, and ethical expert reports and exhibits.

REO Broker & Distressed Property Management Company

Are you a lender or asset manager looking for a one stop shop to service your distressed properties located in Arizona? When searching for qualified distressed property management companies and REO brokers, you need an experienced operator capable of providing complete turnkey REO services—one who intimately understands the real estate market and demonstrates competent asset management skills for distressed properties.

R.O.I. Properties fits the bill for dependable, strategic, accurate, and proactive services for distressed properties, including REO brokerage, and asset management services. Since its founding, R.O.I. has performed over 10,000 broker price opinions/BPOs for residential properties and more than 2,500 broker opinions of value/BOVs for commercial properties. More significantly, our focus remains maximizing the value of real estate assets, while minimizing the liability associated with lender or bank-owned properties, all within the most efficient and cost effective means.

Simply stated, when it comes to distressed property and REO brokerage in Arizona, no one comes close to our experience and capabilities.

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