Carter Cohen

Commercial Analyst

Carter Cohen | Commercial Analyst at R.O.I. Properties

Carter Cohen embarked on his journey at R.O.I. Properties as a Commercial Analyst subsequent to earning a BS degree in Urban & Regional Development from The University of Arizona. Armed with a robust background, Carter seamlessly blends academic knowledge with hands-on experience, adding substantial value to his role.

His professional growth was nurtured through an internship at Meritage Homes, where he gained invaluable insights into the intricacies of the homebuilding industry. Additionally, Carter’s immersion in the realm of hospitality alongside his father provided him with a nuanced perspective and a strong foundation of practical skills.

As Commercial Analyst, Carter conducts in-depth research and analysis of market data, drawing insights from diverse sources. He analyzes lead data and analytics, diligently identifies target audience sources, and collaborates closely with the marketing team. He holds an Arizona real estate license.

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