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July 22, 2021

R.O.I. Properties Featured in Trellis at Colter Article

Trellis, a non-profit organization that helps residents of the greater Phoenix area achieve stable living, marked the opening of a new, modern 20-unit townhome community in central Phoenix built to provide workforce housing.

“Trellis is proud to add ownership opportunities along the light-rail especially during these times where there is a such a shortage of housing in our city” said, Patricia Garcia Duarte, President & CEO at Trellis.

“We’re proud to help Trellis address the shortage of affordable housing and create home ownership opportunities for underserved families in metro Phoenix,” said Noreen Bishop Hill, head of the J.P. Morgan Private Bank in Arizona who also leads JPMorgan Chase’s local leadership team.

Beth Jo Zeitzer, President & Designated Broker, R.O.I. Properties, added that Trellis@Colter is one of the few affordable for-sale properties in the market.

“These townhomes are in an area and of a quality that would be unreachable for most middle-income households. We are proud to join Trellis in offering these homes and fulfilling the dream of home-ownership to our buyers, while strengthening the communities in which they are built.”

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