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Plandemic: Real Estate Planning in a Post-COVID World

Plandemic:  Real Estate Planning in a Post-COVID World

June 18, 2020 at 10:00 a.m. PST

Laffer Tengler Investments

The disruptions from COVID-19 are impacting the financial and real estate markets. In this presentation, we will examine the real estate market, pre and post COVID-19. We will highlight the market trends we are currently experiencing and discuss how you can strategically plan for the next phases in the market.


Although this is an invitation-only call exclusive to Laffer Tengler Investment‘s clients, R.O.I. Properties offers Exclusive Webinars and market updates concerning Commercial, Residential, and Judicial Appointments (Receivership, Special Master/Real Estate Special Commissioner), which can be customized per your/your clients needs!

The following topics were recently presented for some of our Corporate Trustee, Fiduciary, Attorney, Banking and Investor clients:

Modern Real Estate Transactions 2020: Proactive Planning for Distressed Real Estate Assets

Flatten the Curve: Advising Your Clients on Real Estate Assets in Uncertain Times

Keeping Calm in Uncharted Waters: Understanding the Real Estate Market, and Advising Clients in the Post-COVID Era

Plandemic:  Developing a Post-COVID Real Estate Plan

Visualizing Beyond the Virus: How to Create a Post-COVID Real Estate Plan

Keeping Calm in Uncharted Waters: Buying & Selling Homes in the COVID Era

Post-Pandemic Real Estate Bankruptcy Prep: Understanding the Market and Advising Clients

Plandemic:  Real Estate Planning in a Post-COVID World


Let us know if you are interested in scheduling an exclusive webinar/seminar, on a complimentary basis.  Please, email for inquiries.

We can offer continuing education credit/certificates as well!

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