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How to Choose the Right Receiver in Arizona

A court-appointed receiver can play a pivotal role in the successful resolution for of a defaulted loan, or where there is litigation surrounding disputed property or […]

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Navigating a Court-Ordered Receivership

Are you working through a court-ordered receivership or considering petitioning the court for a receivership appointment? Court-ordered receivership is a valuable tool used by lenders and parties […]

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The Benefits of Court-Appointed Receivers

Where a loan is in default, or where there is a business, family divorce, or probate dispute involving the operations, management, ownership, or sale of real property or […]

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Receivership Specialists and Other Court-Supervised Sales

Receivership, divorce, bankruptcy and probate are vastly different specialties from a legal perspective. Viewed through a real estate lens, however, they have one key element […]

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