Net Lease Sales - Your Knowledgeable Guide for Net Lease Transactions

Net Lease Sales

About R.O.I. Properties Net Lease Investment Team

R.O.I. Properties is a full-service real estate brokerage firm specializing in Single Tenant Triple Net Lease Investment Properties in Arizona. We provide acquisition, disposition, and advisory services to owners and investors of single tenant net leased retail, office, industrial, and special purpose properties throughout Arizona.

Since R.O.I. Properties is locally owned and operated in Phoenix, we have a better understanding of local Arizona-based credit tenants, as well as national credit tenants with sites in Arizona. Our local knowledge and expertise gives R.O.I. Properties an advantage in marketing local credit tenant investments and provides investors with alternatives to the mainstream national credit tenant properties.

NNN Property Asset Types

  • Single Tenant Retail
  • Single Tenant Industrial
  • Single Tenant Office
  • Single Tenant Special Purpose (Educational, Entertainment, etc.)

NNN Property Services

  • Investment Brokerage
  • Build-to-Suit Advisory
  • Sale-Leaseback Advisory
  • Broker Opinions of Value
  • Due Diligence
  • Leasing of Assets / Tenant Representation
  • 1031 Exchanges

NNN Marketing & Strategic Partnerships

With a proprietary database of local and national investors, R.O.I. Properties is able to market your net lease property, quickly and efficiently, while enhancing its value through expert analysis, market knowledge, and strategic partnerships.

R.O.I. Properties strategically partners with specialty net lease advisors including Appraisers, Commercial Real Estate Financiers, 1031 Intermediaries, Title Companies, Attorneys, Certified Public Accountants, Registered Investment Advisors, General Contractors, and Architects. R.O.I. is your “One- Stop-Shop” for net lease investments.

R.O.I. Properties aggressively markets and sells net lease investment properties through its proprietary databases, national and local websites, 1031 intermediaries and targeted net lease marketing vehicles. R.O.I. Properties continuously maintains and updates its database of net lease-related properties, which allows our team to match investors with the appropriate net leased offerings.

Real Estate Investors are paying top dollar for properties with operating single tenant businesses. With investor appetites being strong, a sale of your property may provide you with an opportunity to expand your business and diversify your investments, while protecting business operations on site. Below are examples of some recent sales where the owners sold their properties, while structuring long term leases to protect on-site business operations. These high dollar transactions enabled property owners to infuse additional capital into their business operations, or invest elsewhere.

Recently Closed Retail Transactions in the Greater Phoenix Market

Recently Closed Educational Transactions in Greater Phoenix

R.O.I. Recently Closed Transactions


Burger King storefront


To market and sell five Burger King franchises (some co-branded), and achieve maximum pricing.


Analyzed financials and store operations. Recommended sale leaseback structure for two stores to achieve recapitalization and retain owner-occupancy. Positioned franchisee as tenant, structured lease terms and packaged sites for sale. Went to market to attract multiple investors, utilizing online marketing efforts, eblasts, signage and print media.


Promotion attracted full price offers with maximum recovery for operator/franchisee.


Zila storefront


To achieve highest and best pricing, while converting ownership interest to lease interest, and infusing capital into the owner’s corporate operations.


Evaluated the property for income-producing potential, and developed lease terms that met with the client’s financial and physical requirements. Positioned the property as an income- producing property. Prepared an offering memorandum and property brochure that expressed the virtues of the property and the surrounding environs. Marketed the property for sale through a variety of promotional efforts (including print, online, eblasts, phone calls, signage, collateral and more). Conducted thorough inspections of the property with interested prospects.


Within 30 days of the listing assignment, a contract was generated for the sale of the property, at a price 25% over appraised value.


Apria Healthcare storefront


To achieve highest and best pricing, while recapitalizing the company.


Structured a sale leaseback transaction, on a triple net basis, to be assumed by the tenant. Brought the property to market and positioned it as an income-producing, “coupon clipper” deal, with a long-term credit tenant in place. Appealed to 1031 exchange buyers and other investors by touting upside potential, as well as National Tenant status.


Effective and extensive marketing program targeting 1031 exchange investors looking for a national credit tenant with income stream. Successfully achieved a top-dollar sale.


Allied Tool & Die storefront


To achieve top dollar in the sale of these industrial/office buildings and vacant land, white retaining the owner as the occupant, through the strategy of a sale leaseback.


Valued the leasehold interest for industrial, office and vacant land, as well as sale / fee interest. Subdivided the land parcel from the income-producing properties. Structured a lease with the owner, and packaged the property for sale to 1031 exchange buyers and other investors looking for income stream with a long-term lease. Packaged the land parcel for targeted users/developers (no visibility and restricted access).


Successfully attracted a 1031 exchange buyer for the income- producing property within days of marketing the asset, thereby maximizing return for the client. Shortly thereafter, the land parcel was successfully sold to a developer of vehicle/RV storage.


BIG 8 sign


To generate a cash infusion for a grocery chain with declining market share.


Analyzed all leases and current real estate holdings (12 locations in El Paso, Texas). Provided comparable sale and lease data to ascertain market value and develop a renegotiation strategy for leased properties, and sales strategies for owned assets. Structured leases and positioned properties for sale to third party buyers.


Through structured sale leasebacks, infused much-needed capital into a declining business operation, and repositioned the properties to secure a buyer willing to pay a premium on the basis of the revitalized credit of a new tenant/operator.

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